Your “New” Newsroom

Let Content Services act as your newsroom. Reach an audience of both active and passive buyers in a manner that's long lasting, informative, and avoids the unwanted 'sales' pitch to potential customers.


User our online order form or call your sales representative to order content.


Our staff of seasoned writers will contact you for a quick 5-10 minute interview about a product, service, or just a general profile about you or your business.


Once our editing staff has completed the story, we'll send it to you first to approve. Request changes or approve the story for distribution.


Once you've approved the story, we'll publish it across a network of business related sites.

What are the benefits?

Every business has a story to tell. But how do you convey that message in 30 seconds or mixed with all the other mail? This is the challenge that Content Services resolves. We take your intimiate knowledge about your industry and convert it into timely, meaningful, and lasting content.


Your're busy running your business. The last thing you want is a time consuming marketing strategy. Quick 5-10 min interviews are all that's needed to get a feature length story published about your business.


Articles are published across our network of sites. Not only that, but it will be submitted to the search engines, posted on Facebook & Twitter. If that's not enough, it's your story, feel free to post to your followers.

Cost Effective

We know that SMB's don't typically have massive marketing budgets. Content Services prices are competetive in the market. And to boot, your content will live forever, as opposed to in-one-ear, out-the-other, or in a landfill.