Place an oRDER

Efficient and effective, we make ordering up news on your business a simple process.

  • You will work directly with a client representative who will be knowledgeable about and attentive to your needs.
  • We will set up a schedule with you to plan the timed release of your news story to fit your business needs.
  • We will set up a plan with you that meets your strategic needs and fits your marketing budget.

we will produce

  • Pick the topic of your choice and submit to your client representative.
  • We’ll undertake independent research to curtail your story to best fit your marketing needs. Then all you need to do is answer the phone or email to respond to the questions from one of trained communications professionals.
  • You’ll be provided a timeframe and your finalized news story will arrive.

your approval

What you want means a lot to us, so we want to do it right. To ensure the best possible outcome we will ask you to read and approve the story before it is published on our network of business related websites.

  • Once a story has been produced you will receive an automatic email.
  • If changes need to be made or SEO terms introduced to the text, you will have a chance to make edits to ensure the best possible outcome.
  • Once you are happy with the end product you will give the green light to release the story to the world.


You had a story to tell. Now you’ve told it and verified its contents. The next step is getting out in front of readers and potential clients.

  • Why post news if you cannot ensure readers? The internet is full of such websites. But ours stick out.
  • We offer publication on our network of Google News approved sites. This means those parties with an interest in your subject matter are much more likely to receive the news.
  • Your story will also be posted on our affiliated network of social media accounts to reach a broader audience and provide better SEO results.
  • We provide an automated email service through which those parties named in and connected to the story will receive the story in their email inbox within hours of posting.
  • In addition to our web-based services we offer a robust series of print product packages if you would prefer to put a publication in your customer’s hands.